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  • Groundwater Quality Discrete

    Groundwater quality data collected from monitoring wells in the oil sands region by Alberta Environment and Parks (and contractors hired by AEP 2016-present) for the OSM program.
  • Groundwater quality and quantity data from EIAs and EPEAs

    This database contains groundwater quality and quantity data compiled from environmental impact assessment studies (EIA) and compliance industry groundwater monitoring (EPEA)...
  • Groundwater quality historical data

    This file contains groundwater quality data compiled from multiple sources. It is impossible to know if this data have been QC/QAed in the past and if it followed data quality...
  • AEP Groundwater Levels

    Groundwater level data collected since 1965 for the province of Alberta.
  • ECCC Groundwater Quality

    Shallow groundwater and the interaction of these waters with surface water in the mineable area of the Athabasca oil sands region are being examined to assess the role and...